Street food is a unique culinary experience individual to cities across the world and the food in Hong Kong is without exception. Within the tightly packed network of streets, hungry travelers are guaranteed to find street vendors, known as Dai Pai Dong perforating the atmosphere with exciting delicious street food.

Street Eats in Hong Kong

Popular among those travelling on a shoestring, street food is an affordable and convenient food option. As with all cultures, some local delicacies can be somewhat of an eye opener whereas some of the food in Hong Kong will make any western traveller feel at home – perhaps with a few subtle differences. Some of best street food in Hong Kong can be found at the Temple Street market on Woo Sung St. Hong Kong’s electrifying ambiance makes eating street food an exciting way of experiencing a new culture whilst also broadening your gastronomic horizons.

Chicken Feet

Adventurous eaters may find that the Hong Kong classic of chicken feet might take their fancy. A popular delicacy in the open markets, the chicken feet is cooked in various ways, the most popular of which is to stew them in black bean sauce before they are deep-fried. Whilst they’ll always look like feet they taste incredible and make for great stories when back home!

Snake Soup

Regardless of how adventurous or open minded, for many travellers snake soup may be a step too far. A broth-like mixture that is said to contain strong healing properties, snake soup often contains up to 4 different types of snakes boiled with various spices. Available across Hong Kong, snake soup is a satisfying, healthy and unusual.

Hong Kong Style Burger

Minimalist, cheap and mouth-wateringly delightful, Hong Kong style burgers are perfect for those who aren’t quite courageous enough for snakes or chicken feet. Attracting scores of locals and travellers alike, Hong Kong style burgers are simply a well-seasoned patty, encased in a sweet bun with ketchup or mayo.

Dim Sum

The food in Hong Kong wouldn’t be the same without the infamous dim sum. A popular breakfast choice, dim sums are seen as a social activity in Hong Kong and are extensive in their contents.

Cart Noodles

Cart noodles are a popular sight at almost every food market. More commonly known as ‘rubbish noodles’ because they contain throwaway meats such as pig intestines, beef balls and even pigskin. Cart noodle toppings are numerous and varied chosen by the customer. Whilst Cart Noodles may sound rather unappetizing they are a staple street food in Hong Kong

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